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December 06, 2011



Aw, Shan <3 Thank you so much for your kind words. I cannot WAIT to see Zella join Starglass on the shelves. You can do it! :D


Motivation for you... for me, I WAS going strong, and then it was like......... I'm so far away from that, suck. (Haha, that's right Phoebe! You're one of THOSE.)

But I have a solid first half of my book. I need to start the second half. I'm distracted with Zelda: Skyward Sword at the moment.


I haven't read your blog for a long time. I originally recommended it to my daughter is around your age because I liked the way you are not afraid to try new things. When I first found you were a printmaker and now you are a writer. And you got married. Congratulations on everything you've accomplished and good luck with your new venture. I look forward to reading your first book.

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Ich liebe es! Du hast so ein kreatives Auge und machen alles, was Sie zusammen arbeiten.

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