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July 18, 2011



My BFF got married in January, wore a fluffy strapless gown, and dainty dark rimmed glasses, kind of like yours. She looked great. (She has worn glasses forever and would never consider contacts.)

The glasses effected her choice of hair and jewelry, because glasses are an accessory, and she didn't want it to be too busy. Her dress had beading detail, which added to the busy. Her hair was down and then chose really simple jewelry.

I like your idea of seeing if they fit the dress you find. You look cute in your glasses. I'm reminded of that plum lipstick you tried on! That was lovely. w/o glassed will you still look like you?!

I really want new glasses! I am forever a contact wearer. Having glasses and contacts kind of does leave you with two personas.


I was all set for wearing glasses for my wedding, but on the taxi on the way to the courthouse. On one hand I always wear glasses,they are a part of who I am, but in the end the birdcage veil over my eyes AND the glasses were just too much since I'm always readjusting my glasses and they slip down my nose. I did take a couple of pictures of me with my glasses, so no regrets.
with glasses https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/clhwz2Yt6ePvA8v_sjZuZ7HKsLihBsljg635ApZxzM8?feat=directlink
without glasses https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/zOWGq-dnK7YdJBdBKa-4PLHKsLihBsljg635ApZxzM8?feat=directlink

Offbeat bride has a section of real weddings with brides with glasses. They all look awesome http://offbeatbride.com/2008/01/brides-in-glasses


You should consider trying out disposable contact lenses. I mostly wear glasses but the disposable ones are the most comfortable of the different types I've had over the years. The main reason I went with contacts over glasses for my wedding was because I noticed in some of the engagement photos that my glasses kept slipping down my nose--I loved the look when they were in place but I didn't want to worry about having to push them back in place all the time for the photos, so contacts it was.


Amanda, the glasses would definitely affect hair and jewelry decisions. Though I'm pretty low key in those areas anyway.

Medeamaterial: Thanks for the link to the offbeat brides photo gallery! And your photos are super cute with glasses on and off.

KWu, good point about the glasses sliding down the nose. Mine do that all the time.

Eileen (I Love Weddings)

There are some very elegant and dainty rimmed glasses available that will complement any bridal outfit. If you normally were glasses I think you should wear them on your wedding day. Enjoy. http://tinyurl.com/44pqeft
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I am not sure actually it depends on how comfy you are wearing contact lenses and whether you are able to see without any contacts or glasses at all. I think that the bride should try to wed without glasses personally, but it all comes down to the outfit and whether the glasses match.

Sue Mattson

Actually, wearing eyeglasses is a pretty cool idea for a wedding theme! The bride can wear a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses! You're right about matching them with the dress, 'coz you really have to stand out in your wedding day! Btw, congratulations on your wedding day. :)

Vincent Davis

How about contacts? Well, if you have to wear your glasses, then do it. I think it's gonna look cute on your wedding gown. Just remove it during the photo-op so that the flash from the bulbs don't glare on your glasses.

Sam Times

If you're comfortable with glasses, then go for them. Since this was posted 8 months ago, what have you decided to wear on your wedding day? Glasses or contacts?

Vision Without Glasses

Learn more about bifocal reading glasses men and see if they fit you now. Discover the truth about men and make reading glasses bifocals your final decision

Thaddeus Harrod

I’m a little curious on what you chose. Did you go for the contacts or the glasses? If it’s not too late, I would suggest that you go for the contacts, especially if you are worried about your dress. One of the benefits of contact lenses is that you don’t have to worry whether they would match the dress or not. But if you are more comfortable with your eye glass, you can rock the aisle with a frame that matches your style. How does that sound?

Ella Gonzalez

As a photographer, I would want my subject not wearing glasses on her wedding day. There can be many options to make the sight clear. She can resort into having contacts instead.


As with out glass you could not able to identify person only at a arm distance then how you could identify the guests? So, if you don't want to use glass then you can go for contact lens.

Dant Jonas

I think you must try contact lens just for your big day. The eyeglasses decreases your beauty I think. Since it is your big day, so try to be open to some alternatives just to look at your best on your wedding day. Good luck!


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