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July 21, 2011



Your last line made me laugh, I'm the same way. Idealism often wins out for me : )


It didn't quite live up to the promise of the J.Crew catalogs. But pretty close!


lol I do that too... the part about imagining sitting enjoying a cocktail with a friend and luxuriating in our good taste! some day... when my (or their) budget grows...


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Face plates for the most recent Cell phone Models Samsung D900

New York, NY Jul 23,2007 Looking for Cell phone Faceplates' Then 101cells on the internet cellphone accessory shop is definitely the suitable location for you personally. 101cells has the lowest rates and most effective quality solutions. 101cells is usually a total supply for just about any cell phone accessory.

Small alterations can make your cellphone appear like new. 101cells.com has just added new faceplates for Samsung D900 cellphones. is an online mobile phone accessories retailer featuring accessories like Faceplates, Chargers, Batteries, Information Cables, Flashing Accessories, Antennas, Vehicle Kits of all James Harrison Jersey well-known phone models from Audiovox, Sony Ecrisson, Motorola, Nokia, Nextel, Qualcomm-Koycera, Samsung, Kyocera and Siemens. The shop also has unique collection of iPod accessories.

Altering Cell phone Faceplate is usually a fantastic approach to adjust the appear of one's cellular telephone. Go & Individualize your mobile phone with a cell phone with just a one of a kind faceplate. Personalize and protect your phone with these plastic molded faceplates which are designed to fit securely onto your telephone. Different colors, styles and shapes faceplates of almost every mobile phone to choose from.

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Confessions of a High Paid Tutor!

My name is Kasey Hammond and I am writing to celebrate my success in obtaining the right career for me.

I was killing myself more than a job in which I was giving anything I had. As a Spanish key, I didn't have really much small business savvy and was eager to obtain into the market place. This business was eager to employ me as I spoke fluent Spanish and they were looking to launch in to the Mexican market place.

Just after two and a half years, I did make it to one of the increased positions in the company but there was no exactly where else to go & I was tired of working away for my rich boss and giving him all of my time and energy.

As I became disenchanted, I made of list of things I liked about my job... and the things I hated. I quickly realized that I was a servant to my job and hated it!


While I did not like everyone I worked with (I'm sure you can relate), I realized I have patience as well as a willingness to help people and want them to succeed. During this "soul searching" of mine, a close friend happened to tell me about the tutoring small business and how she was working part time for a organization. And the best part was she was making more money per hour than me and worked whenever she wanted to!

It was as if someone turned a light on for me! I realized I could be a tutor!

Being a tutor had all the benefits that I was hunting for... and of course the terrific money making potential.

Now I don't perform Antonio Brown Jersey 50 hours a week and come home exhausted, grumpy & still carrying around the grief from the current office b.s! Instead I come home energized and with the fulfillment that I've made a difference for someone.

Not only do I view my customers as clients but they are truly friends. I love getting emails or Christmas cards from past students or parents who are just checking in to say hi and give me an update on them.

But unfortunately, it wasn't always this easy. I made several mistakes early on that still make me cringe!

It took me awhile, but I now have my enterprise on auto-pilot and enjoy having clients begging me to be on my waiting list and happily paying my premium rates to perform with their children.

Tutoring can be a profession that will allow you to style your day about YOUR schedule and function having said that long or short as you wish each day! (This can be wonderful when I've to run errands or be there for my family members once they need me!)

I decided to publish an E-book detailing how you can begin your own tutoring organization. I wish I had had this when I was starting my own organization! It would have saved me some money and some grief!

My ebook gives you the secret to getting paid UPFRONT for multiple sessions before you even spend one particular minute actually working! (Your clients will be happy to write you a check for $300, $400, even up to $500 before you even get started!)

The little known trick to getting teachers to refer all their struggling students to you directly! (This is a little sneaky but works incredibly well!)

The way to stay super busy in the so called slow summer months and actually make more than the busy school months. (This is optional only if you would like... or vacation and take your summers off!)

The #1 blunder new tutors make - turns clients off like crazy - and ways to avoid it.

The best way to industry your services online with your own website and have clients calling you to get started! (You'll love getting phone calls with people ready to send you a check!)

Works with any subject - Even the less popular subjects... it doesn't matter! My system puts money in your pocket whether you're tutoring students who need help with Spanish, History, Chemistry, Math, German, or any other subject!

2 Ways to find your first tutoring student even when you don't know anybody.

I made this easy for anyone to use. Once you understand the way to use the same tutoring system and techniques that I use, you'll realize that you don't require any more special skills besides your specialized knowledge to get amazing results.

Tutoring is a wonderful profession for so many people. It permits so substantially flexibility and the ability to make an hourly rate that truly equals what you are worth. You choose where you would like to function, you determine your availability, the people you wish to perform with., your hourly rate and you choose the subject you desire to teach! The time is right for you to reach out and begin your own tutoring enterprise and make a difference in someone's life.


House Renovation Contract Fraud

Taking the guesswork out of hiring a contractor has confirmed a prosperous formula for Homeservice Club of Canada. Its members do not need to cross their fingers when hiring a contractor; as an alternative they rely on the Club's special quote program to get the job done on time and on price range with assured standards of workmanship.
For house owners, the technique not only guarantees the work, it ends the pressure of coping with contractors. "I can not think just how much Homeservice Club has helped me," says member Ann Buffer of Toronto. "I've had a roof leak for a handful of years now, and every single time I named a contractor they did minimal amount of function, and had been paid handsomely. A few Brett Keisel Jersey weeks later my roof as soon as again begins leaking. I contacted Homeservice Club, became a member and instantly within the identical day they assigned me a contractor who had an incredibly credible track record. My roof was fixed rapidly, and I was pleased together with the job. Their method assured I would not be screwed over as I had inside the past."
For contractors, the technique ensures they may be kept working at capacity with much less time spent on sales and administrative tasks. It frees them to invest a lot more time undertaking the operate they do ideal.
The Club's exclusive "quote" technique and its Double Guarantee set it apart from basic contractor referral corporations. In-office service representatives take calls from members who spend a little yearly fee. Each representative specializes in various trades like masonry, roofing, and electrical. When a member calls in to request a quote on a renovation or repair, the appropriate contractor is assigned for the job and can be must total the job. On bigger jobs, the member is encouraged to acquire a minimum of 3 quotes from Club pros. The jobs are equally distributed amongst all contractors to keep every contractor satisfied and working at their complete capacity. The representatives monitor the progress of every single job and are in touch with all the member to make sure the function is being performed to their satisfaction. If the contractor cannot or will not total the job adequately, yet another is dispatched to remedy the problem. And lastly, both the person contractor and also the Club guarantee the perform.

"We take the hassle out of home renovations," explains Club president Richard Felton. "There's the comfort of calling 1 quantity irrespective of what job you need done. And the peace of thoughtsunderstanding that the person you might be letting into your property has been prescreened and bonded by Homeservice Club."
But, says Felton, one of the most important aspect of his business would be the "Double Guarantee" he delivers home owners. "You hear about renovation nightmares each of the time - contractors taking the deposit

and skipping town, or not finishing the job. That is what sets us apart in the residence renovation enterprise - we guarantee the job will probably be completed for the customers' satisfaction," Felton said. "We add our guarantee to that in the person contractor. If the job will not be accomplished to your satisfaction, we'll send somebody else in to fix it - that is a double guarantee of satisfaction for the member."
Homeservice Club has been in the organization of guarding house owners since Harry Felton opened its doors in 1961 to guard homeowners against "shoddy workmanship and fly-by-night contractors". Nowadays, his son runs the loved ones business, but the concept remains accurate to his father's vision. To get a small yearly membership fee, property owners have access to a network of over 400 licensed, bonded and insured contractors in just about every trade imaginable. The contractors are all independent tradespeople who compete with each other for members' organization, keeping rates competitive.
Club members also have access to an substantial shopping network offering discounts on everything from automobiles to travel, security systems to real estate, and insurance to appliances.
The Homeservice Club model is really a win-win deal for both the homeowner plus the contractor, says Felton. "We take the hassle out of hiring a contractor for our members and we take the hassle out of operating a small business for our contractors - every person wins," he added.

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