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February 02, 2010



They're beautiful, but I don't think I've ever be able to fork out $40 per votive!

What about a DIY? You could easily get this look with a paint swirled around inside a glass votive and then you flip them upside down and let them drain out. spray the inside w/a clear sealant. let them dry and defume before putting a candle in it.


Have you looked at Ikea? I'd bet you could pull this off with one of their products..


I used to rent these and ship to Hawaii all the time when I was planning weddings out there but living here... If you have a local contact who is willing to do the legwork for you, you can pull it off!

Otherwise, I have seen similar-looking votives at Crate & Barrel. It was a while ago, though.


I live in seattle, the home of glassybaby...They are gorgeous but expensive! If you ever come to town, they do have seconds sales once in a while.
Anyway, I saw these
and i have been meaning to get a few of the small ones - kind of as glassybaby knock offs.
They are still expensive for favors, but if you just wanted a few yourself ??

Jessica Poundstone

Possibly fun DIY alternative... http://www.casasugar.com/DIY-Water-Balloon-Candle-Holders-2389987


I saw this and thought they might work

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