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July 08, 2009



whoa. I had no idea.


oof. i was just thinking about that double x article the other day as i read yet another qydj article on etsy, featuring a stay-at-home mom. and i was reminded of my initial reaction to your post about it that basically was, "so what? so what if etsy is a bunch of stay-at-home moms who have turned a hobby into a business that brings in a tidy side income? so what if it's dominated by females?" it is what it is, so to speak, and do disparage it for being that is going out of the way to be negative, i think.
perhaps the same with etsybitch. etsy is not perfect--nothing is, hello!--and not everything is a great fit for everyone. but to try to change something through being completely negative is no way to operate. both of these things sound like things that are not worth my time or energy, they only discourage my personal goal of running a positive, creative business, and i simply cannot make time to be negative like that.


I saw that blog for the first time a few days ago. I won't write what I truly feel about them on this post; it would be disrespectful to your blog to write such language.

Just a point though. The 'we love you, that’s why we say those things' argument is used by abusers all over. It's a common tactic used to get away with demeaning, cruel and hateful behaviour.

Just saying.

Jane Flanagan

I feel like if you are so vehemently angry about something you should switch tactics. If Etsy is not performing for them, why not switch to Big Cartel or set up their own e-Commerce? Setting up a bitchy blog seems like such a waste of energy and not in the least bit constructively proactive.


Spot on Laura.


Here's a tip that works for business and life in general: try to avoid saying, doing, and most especially emailing/posting anything when you are angry. That's not to say don't get angry. By all means, get angry. But I find I've been able to give the most constructive criticism and in general am more effective when I weigh in with a clear head and logical points to buttress my arguments.


I'm kind of an etsy-er (I had a shop, and now I'm gearing up to start anew), but this is something I experience a lot more in another arena of my life: mental health care reform. I am a big believer in communication and in taking your complaints to the person with whom you have the issue. However, there is also something useful in venting. Having a place to vent and commiserate can confirm that you are not alone in your frustrations and fuel you for working on change in a more direct and diplomatic way. When you feel ignored by the people you disagree with, commiseration can confirm that it isn't just because you are crazy (especially important in mental health care). If you had nowhere to vent, you might just get frustrated and give up in bitterness. If you have nowhere to vent, it is almost dishonest to act diplomatic all the time. Yes, my true feelings about mental health care are that I understand the other side and I want to get to a point where we can work together, but when things aren't going well, sometimes I also really just want to grab mental health care professionals by the shoulders and shake them. My brain might explode if I had to deny the shoulder-shaking feelings all the time.

That said, yes, I think the etsy bitch blog goes a bit far, well past venting and commiseration, in to the realm of gratuitous meanness. However, I think it is to our detriment not to have anywhere at all to vent and share our frustrations.


This was pretty courageous of you. I really respect you even more for this post.


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Yeah I didn't know about it either. But as a general rule I'd say constructive criticism goes farther and is more professional than general bitchiness.


couldn't. agree. more.


I've sold on etsy for years, and really appreciate your level-headed remarks about the bitch blog. I see the validity in neither the issues with etsy and that blog itself.


Eh, I read it if I'm in the mood to hear a little drama, but I RARELY agree with them. Particularly when they complain about favoritism, etc.


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Don R

The object of that blog is just to complain first and fill in the reasons afterward. They have no real experience in business and seem to think that it's Etsy's fault they are not succeeding. I see they have lost most of their members. They'll blame that on Etsy, too, but I think most of them have realized that maintaining that level of anger takes a lot of work, especially after they have to resort to creating the drama themselves in the forums so they have something to bitch about on the blog.


I like etsy bitch, simply because it offers another viewpoint on etsy - yes, a critical one - that I feel keeps me informed of all things etsy. And they do point out some serious flaws in the etsy experience. In fact, their latest post is about a poor seller who's had her shop bought out by a sock puppet account three (3!) separate times, costing her a lot of time and money. The tone of the blog may not be positive, however I don't think that casting aspersions and pretending to be holier than thou is any better...


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