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November 22, 2008



This is such great information! Thanks tons, I'll be linking.

Lizzie E.

ah so informative! thank you much!


Great advice. I've been very honored to have been on the FP several times. I love to see some great artists I've never heard of before....FP rocks!!


These things are good to know. I am going to take your advice. One question is there a good time of day to post? I know the site is global, so I am curious.


Thanks for the article! I always wondered how people got on the front page like that!




Great info! Thanks for sharing!


Very well written! Thanks!


thank you great advice!!

Melissa Sims

Hi thanks for answering my question. Now I know how to get on the front page I just have to make it happen! Your blog is fun to look through. Melissa @ StudioMo.etsy.com :)


That is very helpful even though I thought I knew it all by now. I especially like the part about using all tags and posting new items as often as possible.


great advice.. thanks for the help!
Don't forget to visit my shop :)



Great information, I'll work on using all my 14 tags.


Thanks. Great info :)


thanks! great advice.


Great information, thanks.

Irma /irmasdesigns

Very good advice! I've been trying to take and edit better photos, and also to list or renew listings more often. I hope this will work! I still have problems with the tags... sometime there is just not enough to say about some pieces...


thanks for writing


Great post! And if you want to get notified when your item is on the front page, go to http://statsy.org/featurator.php (you get an email notification the instant you are on the FP). Very useful as the first time it happened to me, I had nooo idea!


Thank you for all your helpful suggestions! : )

One of my items made it to the front page of Etsy, and I didn't receive a notification. Do you know if I am allowed to use the "This item made it to the front page of Etsy" image for this item?



thefascinatormaven/Arlene Cano

Of all the advice I have read, yours is the best, simple, straight forward and doable.


This is such great advice! Now I know how treasuries work. I was just added to my first treasury this week. Pretty exciting. You can see my photo of Rain on Ocean in the treasury here:



Great tipps! Thank you!


Sheena White

Amazing tips! I have a suggestion too.....try to visit www.gourmetrecipe.com. They have lotys of recipe that you will surely enjoy. Not only that you can also post your your comments and recommendations at blog.gourmetrecipe,com. Try it!


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