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November 08, 2006



ah right! i love textile mills...once again a totally cool and informative post... thx...


I Love behind the scenes, how it's made, kind of things.

Elizabeth Gower


I live near the RI/CT border in the summer, do you have the name of the mill, I'd love to check it out!


I love your photos. I would be there in a flash just to look at the amazing architecture!

Cicada Studio

I'm loving this post. I've been to quite a few mills, but never one in the US. How fun to know they can be accessible! Even nicer to know they exist and perhaps can be for hire.

*found you thru TrueUp.net


this is so great, I've always wanted to see inside a fabric mill.


I just rec'd a referral for one in the NE area. Don't think it's this one. And the cost was not prohibitive...somewhat confirmed by this post. Hope all is well with you Shannon! Gearing up for your big move?

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