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September 05, 2006



Hallelujah! I've been wanting to do this, but had no idea it was so easy to do with GIMP! Thank you for posting the tutorial! :-)


I'm glad you asked - I love the changes that you've made to the site! Very easy on the eyes...


Don't you love GIMP? It's pretty easy once you figure out where things are. So far, it's served me well.


Oh I absolutely do! A bit confusing at first, but now it's (almost) second nature. :-)


this might interest people who run into a greyed out "Rounded corners" with an image that has alpha channel:



i cant find script fu


i can't find script-fu either :(

Glenn Miller

I am so glad Dean found this for me


if you can't find script-fu, try at the bottom of filters!


my GIMP doesnt have Script-Fu!!!

L Bailey

Hi - great tutorial but when i add the picture to a web page the corners are rounded but with white bits in each corner, how do I eliminate the white pieces so the whole image blends into the page with the rounded corners.

regards Len llb@whistles.force9.co.uk


To all without sciptfu. Gimp 2.4.7 looks to have scriptfu under the 'filters' menu. you probably found this already. Just trying to help.

William Soong

I've got Script-Fu but it looks nothng like the one shown here in this tutorial, i've got GIMP 2.6.3 for Mac OS X Leapord and when I open Script-Fu under the Filters section all I see is this:

Script-Fu Console
Refresh Scripts
Start Server

I cant see the Decor section.


Just go to filters,decor,round corners thats what I do on mine. No need to even go to script-fu. At least thats how I did it on mine....


How do I make a rounded rectangle in just one corner by using GIMP? I searched all over the internet and couldn't find it.

Any help would be appreciated.


OMG thank you sooo much. I've been to seeral deiifent websites who used a very complex method. I did it exactly as stated with no results. Your way is much easier to understand (and carry out) plus it actually works!


When I right-click on the image and go to filters -> decor, "round corners" is unselectable. In fact, only "add border" is selectable. How come?



You may well have an 'alpha channel' on your image. you need to remove this.

Look under 'Layer - Transparency' If there is an option to Remove Alpha Channel, then do that.

Rounded corners will only work on images that are a single layer (and I guess do not have an alpha channel)


Thanks for this...I didn't have the ScriptFu as you do, but when someone said to look for Decor under Filters that helped.


Excellent, Ive been trying to figure this out for ages


GIMP is a very stupid program mainly because there are no tutorials.The interface is user-hostile


Very happy to find this GIMP today! I try to make rounded buttons for my
website. This works great in GIMP. One problem i can't solve: When i export this as a picture to my website i also export the background color in the corners. Anyone any idea?


Thx for this.


Cool, just what I want to know.


@Kris, you need to 'alpha channel' your image to get rid of those white corners. To do this, go to layer tab -> transparency -> remove Alpha Channel.

Then get the "Fuzzy Collect Tool" and click the white corners, they should get a black outline. Then press delete and the corner will go grey. This means they are now invisible. Do this for all of them.

Finally you need to export pictures in a .png format or the corners will not be invisible.

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